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Whilst we enjoy playing covers nothing beats writing and recording your own material and then playing it live.  So far we have released the following two EP's:-

Track Listing

1. Stone Man          

2. Snakes and Ladders

3. Things to Talk About

4. Taking You Out

5. Suzie

6. Fly


For our first EP we  travelled down to Bath to record at Peter Gabriel's 'Real World Studios'. There is a bit more of an acoustic feel to this EP as you can hear from album opener 'Stone Man' and the Ukelele based tune 'Things to Talk About'. 'Things to Talk About was supposed to be the lead single from the EP but it was actually track 4, 'Taking You Out' which became the standout song. It was played on BBC Essex before being picked up by Huw Stephens and played on his Radio 1 show as his 'Discovery of the Week'. Tom Robinson played the track on his BBC Radio 6 show describing the track as 'brilliant'. In addition it also had over 300 plays on BBC Radio Oxford! The EP was produced by Paul 'The Wizard' Hepworth and completed at his Wavebreak Studios in Walton-on-Naze.

We had some amazing reviews from, the best of which came from Neil Darcey-Jones of the Colchester Gazette who wrote: "Quite simply one of the best releases from a local band I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Stunning work".

Track Listing

1. She                   

2. Friends

3. Love That Look

4. All This Love

5. What a Day

FRIENDS (2015)

For our second EP we decided to ditch the acoustic guitars and record songs that we knew would sound great live. Once again recorded by Paul Hepworth at Wavebreak studios the album contained a couple of brand new tracks in 'She' and 'All This Love' and a few songs we had written many years ago which we updated and re-recorded. When we listened to the completed album we were really happy with the end result and most importantly they all sound great live. Watching 1,000 people jumping up and down to 'All This Love' at Wrabfest in 2016 was a real high point for us and confirmation that the songs were as strong as we thought they were. 

We were also flattered to be asked by Harwich and Dovercourt College's Media Studies class if they could use our EP as the basis of their A-Level project. The project was to create a music video for the band and some of the results were amazing. You can see the videos for 'All This Love' and 'She' on the video page of this website.


After the unexpected success of 'Taking You Out' we decided we needed to record a video for the track. We came up with an elaborate concept which seemed a good idea on paper but unfortunately the resulting video did not turn out as we had hoped. However, we were able to cobble together some footage from the day which was mostly just us messing around. You might also notice Dan wearing lipstick during the performance - the less about this the better...

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