15/07/17 - Status Quo's Francis Rossi fan of The Landed!

Brentwood Festival was a great experience. We played on the main stage on the Saturday afternoon and despite the weather the crowd really responded well to our own material. However, we didn't realise that whilst we were playing none other than Francis Rossi of headliners Status Quo was watching our entire set from the side of the stage. Once we came off stage Francis came up to us to tell us how much he enjoyed our set - he also jokingly (I think he was joking anyway) threatened to break Pauls fingers, presumably in reference to Paul's epic solo at the end of 'Freebird' which we closed the set with. It was great to have the chance to chat to rock royalty. Paul and Francis exchanged views on playing styles and equipment and I took a picture of this as proof! Hopefully our paths will cross again in the near future. Status Quo closed the festival with an awesome performance and had the Brentwood crowd eating out of their hands.

An all-round great experience.

Dave, 16/07/17

24/04/17 - MORE FESTIVALS!


Great news - we are pleased to announce a few more festival dates this year!

  • The Sound of Colchester Festival in Castle Park on the 28th May on just before the headliners

  • Brentwood Festival on the 15th July (see news story below)

  • ​The Little Scarlet Festival in Tiptree (headlining) on the 22nd July ​

  • Wrabfest 2017 - great to be able to do this awesome festival again after our successful headline slot last year


More great opportunities to play our own material in front of new audiences. Please contact the event organisers for information on how to get tickets. Hope to see you there!



We are delighted to announce that we have been asked to play at the Brentwood Festival on the 15th July 2017. It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase our original music to a completely new audience and it's great to be on the same bill as well-known and established acts like Status Quo, Midge Ure and Jocelyn Brown. We will let you know when our stage time is as soon as we have more details. Purchase your tickets now!



Whilst we love a live gig and the chance to thrash our instruments to within an inch of their lives, we recently collectively decided that in a shameless bid to become famous and catch the attention of millionaire talent spotter Simon Cowell, or the guy from 'The Voice' who used to be married to Gwen Stefani, we would trial becoming a proper boyband. Therefore we put down the instruments, brought out the vests, learned some 3-part harmonies and recorded this video of us singing the Fountains of Wayne classic 'Stacies Mom'. The resulting video got 12,000 views on Facebook, a handful of shares and one comment from an internet troll who didn't get the joke. It was our first proper trolling so in that respect the video was a success. However on reflection we felt that becoming a boyband wasn't for us - we can't dance for shit and Paul is the only one who looks OK in a vest anyway. It's still worth a watch though, our voices don't sound too bad!