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Below are some video's we have made for our own tracks as well as some live video's recorded by audiences at various different venues


This is a track we wrote many years ago and had actually recorded several times before we finally nailed the recording exactly how we wanted it to be when recording the tracks for what became the 'Friends' EP. It's a very personal track about Friends past and present and how true friendship can endure even if those friends are no no longer with us. We created the video one Saturday afternoon ourselves and although it's simple we were really happy with the result. It is the second track on our second EP which we decided to also name 'Friends'.


Last year we were delighted to be asked by HDHS Media Studies to be involved with the students course work. The task, to make a music video for a song by us. They all did a brilliant job and we were amazed at how talented and enthusiastic they were about the songs. The best video coming from Liam which is featured below. However, we were really impressed with the video made by Vick, Bronte, Emily and Cerys for 'All This Love' and their interpretation of the lyrics so we used it as the video for the song. So here it is - pretty good for their first video! Thank you to all the students at HDHS Media Studies for their efforts.


We chose this song as the lead track from our first EP as we were really happy with how the song sounded once completed, especially the way the song builds up to a crescendo at the end. It was hard to come up with a concept for the video which would do the song justice. In the end we decided to involve our nephew, Charlie Hale, in the video is the only member of the audience at our show. Simple but effective with little Charlie definitely bringing the 'cute' factor to proceedings. We also recorded a live version of the song complete with strings which is below.

Video for 'She' created by Liam for his Media studies project. Fantastic work.

'Things To Talk About' live recording complete with strings.

'All This Love' recorded live at Greystock, Wivenhoe.

'Shut Up and Dance' recorded live at The Bull in 2016

Live recording of the Lady Gaga tune 'Applause'. The guitar solo wasn't in the original version...!

Live recording of 'Smooth Criminal' highlighting The Jannece's impressive vocal screams

The 1000+ crowd at Wrabfest showing their appreciation at the end of our set. Amazing gig.

'Freebird' recorded live at The Hanover in Harwich 

'Groove is in the Heart' recorded live at The Crown in Thorpe-le-Soken

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